Terms and Conditions


Deposit & Payment

We require a 50% deposit to be paid upfront to confirm your booking & the 2nd 50% to be paid at the end of your stay. Any extras or unpaid items will be added to your balance

Balance Payments

The system will store your card details using an encryption method that is secure this ensures your booking is not automatically cancelled. We will only use this method if you fail to pay your balance.

Floods or Snow

In really and adverse weather conditions where you are unable to get to us due to floods or snow we will provide you with a full refund.


Once you are on the Farm  any activities you choose to do whether with the staff or owners of Drovers Rest or on your own, you are doing so completely at your own risk. The owners will not be held responsible for any accidents you may have while doing any activities on the premisis.


Only 1 vehicle is allowed at Drovers Rest per accommodation unit. This is to reduce carbon emissions in this area of outstanding natural beauty & is part of our planning approval conditions.
If you have more please let us know and we can make alternate arrangements

Damage & Breakages

You will be required to pay for any items you have damaged or broken

Bad Behaviour

The owners reserve the right to terminate your stay here at any time if your behaviour is rude, violent or disruptive to the other guest and staff


Please return all cutlery or plates if sharing with other units. Failure to do so will mean the extra time taken for the cleaners to sort it all out will be charged to your group. We only host catered groups ie groups must take a minimum of 2 meals


By booking your dog into Drovers you are agreeing to

Ensure the dogs do not chase after or kill any livestock.
Pick up dog poo which is toxic to livestock & dispose of it in Dog poo bins provided. We can also provide you with dog poo bags if you have forgotten them.
Ensure dogs do not cause harm to the accommodation units. Any harm will need to be fixed & owners will need to pay for the damage.
Ensure dogs are not allowed on the furniture or in bedrooms. Failure to do so will required additional cleaning which will need to be paid for by owners. Any stained furniture or bedding that needs to be replaced will also be charged to the owners. If you have forgotten their beds or bowls please ask us & we can find you some spare ones.
We love dogs & welcome responsible owners & their dogs.


Should you need to cancel your booking:

  • If you cancel 3 months or more before your booking date you will receive a full refund.
  • If you cancel 3 months – 6 weeks before your booking date you only be refunded the 2nd 50% payment.
  • If you cancel < 6 weeks prior to your booking you will lose your entire payment
  • However we always try & resell your week & you if we are successful you will be able to use your monies paid against a booking with us at a different date within 6 months of your cancellation.
    To date no one has lost out on their monies.

If the business cannot fulfill your booking due to an act of God you will receive a full refund

Food Bookings

We are a small restaurant and cannot afford no shows. Therefore all our bookings are pre booked online. Should someone not show up full payment will be kept as the food would have been ordered and cooked. Your food can be collected as a takeaway or changed to a different name. For groups we can dish out the extra portions for you all to enjoy. If you cancel 24 hours/1 day before your booking time or more a full refund will be made less stripe charges


stay@droversrest.co.uk +44 (0) 7748 146862

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