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Chicken Keeping

Hands-on introduction to keeping chickens & ducks

If you want to keep chickens or ducks for eggs, for meat or just as pets but don’t know where to begin, this course is for you or even if you are not quite there yet and just want to spend the day with these curious characterful birds do join us on the farm for this course

We are excited that Gabbie Franklin, famous for taking part in the BBC’s  Farmers Country Showdown with her glorious chickens will be running this course for us. Gabbie is expert in all things poultry and has had over 300 birds and shown all types of breeds as well. Today she is happily a small holder with happy Chickens and Ducks on her Farm. (and goats, sheep and horses too!!)

In this hands-on course we will cover:

  • Chicken keeping admin: including getting your land registered as a smallholding and registering your chickens so you get alerts
  • Keeping records of veterinary treatments.
  • Learn about different breeds of popular poultry best for meat or eggs and their benefits and unique characteristics so you can choose what breed you will get
  • Where to purchase from
  • Pros and cons on incubation vs purchase
  • How to sex chicks or ducklings
  • Find out how much land you’ll need to keep chickens and the type of housing you will need to provide.
  • Understand the essential welfare needs of poultry
  • Learn how to care daily for your birds
  • How to safely and kindly handle them
  • Looking after the Broody
  • Learn how to Prevent, identify and treat common health problems.
  • A few pointers on showing
  • This course is practical and will have hands-on time with our poultry. At the end of the day we hope you’ll leave with the confidence and enthusiasm to keep your own
  • There is no obligation to handle our animals but you will have plenty of opportunity should you wish to.
  • If you or your partner are pregnant please read the advice from the NHS
  • If you are interested in eating your own please register here for our follow up course on How to: Dispatch and Dress your bird ready for cooking or the freezer.


  • Practical details: This course will run from 10am until 4pm and includes a delicious farm lunch and hot & cold drinks. Check Weather and prepare accordingly. Warm outdoor clothing, waterproofs and wellies is recommended. Courses go ahead no matter the weather. Parts of the course will be indoors and parts outdoors. You may want to bring a change of clothing

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